Release your inner joy and enjoy your life to the fullest !



You are looking for a way to relax more and enjoy your life profoundly?




You have achieved many things in your life. Professional success. Wealth. A beautiful home. Caring and loving relationships.


You are free to organize your time. Even go on holidays when ever you want.


And yet, you feel a permanent pressure to perform and to succeed on your projects, your business, your relationships.


There is an inner restlessness and tension. It almost never stops. Not even during holidays. To be honest, it's exhausting.


Imagine how nice it would be...


You manage to lean back internally and really relax.


The permanent pressure to perform and succeed releases. Life is no longer just effort and struggle.


Your inner child is allowed to heal and a deep inner joy awakens in you again.


You feel happy and fullfilled just because, and not only when you perform well and succeed.


More and more you are able to enjoy the freedom and wealth you have already created.


Here you are - enjoying your life truely. Relaxed and with the certainty that life is kind to you.


Your projects, business and relationships thrive with your inner joy and the warmth of your heart.


That's exactly why I created INNER JOY CREATION.


I know how exhausting it can be, when you need to compare and prove yourself all the time. As a laywer in the business world fighting and struggle was commonplace.


Today I'm grateful to share with you how joyful, creative and fullfilling your life can be.


That's exactly why I created INNER JOY CREATION.


It is a safe and protected space for you and for deep transformation and healing. I am 1:1 at your side.


During 12 Sessions you'll profit from my experience as transformational coach, mediator, lawyer and Qi Gong teacher during the last 10 years.


They will be individually tailored to your wishes and needs in order to provide the best results for you.


What participants say about INNER JOY CREATION


Michael G. (Entrepreneur and Trader)


„You can be successful, you might have accomplished many things in your life, but you may still keep running and feeling that you are on the hamster wheel.


Thanks to Franziska‘s intuitive coaching I managed to appreciate my past success and become proud of them.


Without her perception, understanding and clear and insightful guidance I would never have been able to let go of my obsessive need for control.


I thank Franziska a lot because her Coaching helped me to set my priorities in life correctly and to appreciate and enjoy my life much more.“


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Richard L. (Journalist and Lecturer)


"Franziska's Coaching really got me going and made a lasting impression on me.


On the one hand the reintegration and healing processes of my inner child.


On the other hand her clear words and images, which I took up as impulses and inspiration.


I'm much more relaxed and enjoy my life more profoundly.


I stopped smoking, practice yoga and meditation more consciously and finally get on with writing my book.".




Laura T. (Attorney for commercial and corporate law on sabbatical)


"I was so tense when I started with Franziska. Always comparing myself especially with (former) collegues. Eventhough I felt tired and exhausted I could not really relax.


Today I feel 20 years younger. Like a heavy weight was lifted off my shoulders. I have much more energy.

Thanks to the inner child work I made peace with my father. For the first time in my life I feel good enough as I am.


I finally enjoy my sabbatical by listening to what I truly want. I started travelling, meeting new people and taking good care of my body and my health.


The coaching really changed my life and I thank Franziska from all my heart.".




...and that's possible for you too !


Inner restlessness calms down and tensions will release. You will be able to relax much deeper and feel more energy.


You reconnect to your inner joy and start profoundly enjoying your life.


Your projects, business and relationships grow and thrive with your inner joy and the warmth of your heart.


Your Invest for

12 Sessions


8.000,00 € plus taxes.


You are free to chosse the dates for every session in your own pace.


We'll meet via Zoom or face to face in my premises in Berlin Grunewald.



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